In-Patient Renal Rotation

Curriculum and Learning Objectives


It is the goal of the in-patient Nephrology rotation that the Resident:


1)    Understand the basic pathophysiology, work-up,  and treatment of

        a.    Disorders of the serum sodium

        b.    Disorders of the serum potassium

        c.    Disorders of acid/base balance

2)    Understand the pathophysiology, common causes, work-up and treatment of acute renal failure

3)    Understand the pathophysiology, common causes, common complications of, the work-up of, and general treatment strategies for chronic kidney diseases and end-stage renal disease and its associated hypertension, anemia and osteodystrophy.

4)    Understand the basics of hemodialysis, hemofiltration and access and any associated complications

5)    Understand the basics of peritoneal dialysis and any associated complications

6)    Understand the presentation and work-up of common glomerular diseases

The Department of Medicine’s Formal Curriculum and Resident

Evaluation System is available here: Renal Inpatient Curriculum