Reading Resources


Below are some articles that may cover some of the many topics

seen in patients on the Renal Consult Service or in Renal Clinic

    Fluid and electrolytes/Acid Base:

                Metabolic acidosis Rodby

                Metabolic alkalosis JASN 2000

                Na hypo Rodby

                Na hypo drug-induced AJKD 2008

                SIADH NEJM 2007

                Polyuria Rodby

                DI nephrogenic AIM 2006

                DI central NEJM 2010

                Diuretics NEJM 1998


                K hypo AJKD 2010

                K hypo with HTN and met Alk AJKD 2001

                K hyper AJKD 2010

                PO4 hypo KI 2006

                Mg hypo JASN 2009

                Ca hypo UTD 2015

                Ca hyper UTD 2015           



                ARF Rodby

                AKI review CJASN 2008

                Hepatorenal syndrome CJASN 2012

                Cardiorenal syndrome CJASN 2015

    Diabetic Nephropathy:

                DN II Review Rodby 1999

                DN Review Whittier 2008



                Amyloidosis AL CJASN 2006

                Amyloidosis AA NEJM 2007

                Multiple myeloma Korbet JASN 2006

                Minimal change Dz adults JASN 2013

                Membranous GN CJASN 2014

                FSGS CJASN 2014

                Hep C and GN AJKD 2005

                HIVAN ACKD 2010

                APA syndrome KI 2002

                HUS atypical NEJM 2009

                IgA Nephropathy CJASN 2014

                HSP NEJM 2004

                Thin basement membrane disease JASN 2006

                SLE nephritis JASN 99

                Vasculitis ANCA Rx review ACKD 2014

                Vasculitis review AJKD 2005


                PO4 hyper in CKD KI 2008

                Anemia and EPO in DM and CKD AJKD 2007

                CRI from Calcineurin inhibitors NEJM 2003

                Diuretics in CRF JASN 2002

                ADPKD NEJM 2008

                Dialysis to prevent Contrast induced nephropathy SID 2007

    ESRD, PD, HD:

                Uremia NEJM 2007

                HTN in ESRD HI 2007

                Access review KI 2006

                Catheter infections KI 2007

                Acid Base in ESRD SID 2004

                Sclerosing peritonitis AJKD 2008

                Calciphylaxis CJASN 2014

                PO4 Binders NEJM 2010

                NSF Rodby SID 2007